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  • iGaming 93%
  • Finance and Accountancy 67%
  • Marketing and Advertising 85%
  • Technical and Software Dev 73%

“Anneli was not your average recruitment consultant – she is enthusiastic, energetic, motivated, personable and uniquely trustworthy! I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with Anneli both as a client and a candidate and miss her now that she has moved on to bigger and better things. I wish her every success and can only conclude that she will be an exceptional asset to any company she works for.”

Caroline Lloyd

HR Manager, Assisma PLC, UK

“Anneli was a great recruitment professional, who very quickly understood the needs of my employer. I trusted her judgement and her confidentiality entirely.”

Val Wilkinson

Director of Finance & Administration, Plumpton College, UK

given-solution-contact-pictureI am a…

Doer, go-getter, hands-on person… an “action-woman”

I have held roles as COO and CEO for the last 10 years for small companies; I believe in delegating but no role is beyond or below me. In a flat company structure, it is important to be able to cooperate and to be flexible.

I am unafraid of negotiations, disputes and settlements and I am a seasoned sales person who tends to end up with many of my business relations turning into long term friendships.

It is through years of building up these friendships that I found myself offering companies assistance in ‘search and selection’.

Recruitment Services


given-solution-recruitment-servicesAre you looking for that special someone to join your team? Having worked with recruitment since 2004, I have the experience and knowledge it takes to find them. I graduated the CPRS course with a distinction, earning me a University Diploma in Certified Professional Recruitment Services. If you don’t want to place an ad and have hundreds of hungry applicants sending their CV’s, you need to find a recruitment partner to help you and I know how to. I used to work for Reed Accountancy in London, specializing in Accountancy and finance recruitment. Since then, I’ve expanded and have helped both igaming operators and affiliates to find their dream teams, as well as sourcing candidates for some recruitment firms.

Service Partner

given-solution-service-partnerAre you looking for a service provider but not really sure where to find them, what costs you have to take into consideration and what location you think may be best for you? I can help.

To start with, I can help you looking at both cold facts and dreams to get a good idea about what you establish what you actually need, and we can add the extras; as in what you want but don’t need.

Then, I can find you a number of entities supplying the services you require. I can check their references and clients and I can perform tests regarding their services.

After that, I can ask the cost of their services and even negotiate tenders on your behalf. My aim is to get you the best service available.

Imagine you want customer support for a site you are about to open but you are not sure yet if it will be profitable running the site in this country and you don’t want to commit yourself to hiring full time staff until you know that your site is actually going to be profitable. You decide that, for a limited time, you want to outsource the customer service in this language while you establish whether to focus on that market or not. The question is where to find someone you could outsource such services to and who you would trust to be able to log in to your backend. I will make a search all over the world (or whichever specific area you specify) to find out who can deliver the service you require; then I will check references and I can forward details to you, or I can contact the service provider for a quotation and I can negotiate on your behalf.

Business Location

given-solution-business-locationI have helped set up companies, offices, bank accounts and everything else connected to setting up something in a new location for many years and in several jurisdictions. With a good network of both lawyers and accountants – tried and tested – it isn’t all that difficult to get started. If you don’t have a company yet, but want to set one up, I can refer you to reliable people to advise you.

You may also need to find an office and rent apartments for staff relocating from another location; I know reliable and fair estate agents, and companies specializing in relocation.

I can scout for you, or send someone reliable to have a look at properties you may be interested in, and I can negotiate contracts on your behalf – or find someone to do so.

What you need, I can find in my network, and if not – I will ask within my network to find someone who can. ‘

Let me know what you are looking for and I shall find it for you.

“Anneli is a sincere and dedicated professional. She has an excellent grasp of her area of expertise, and is a very helpful and approachable person who is always willing to help out. I got to know her as a dynamic and winning HR Professional with a strong understanding of HR management and sound sense of intuition to address the future needs of the organization. She is an extremely positive and outgoing professional. Being open, fair and in the mean time humorous makes it pleasure to work with her. I knew from day first about her entrepreneurial skills and regard her as a true asset for any organization.”


Muhammad Tahir Khan

Portfolio Manager, Advanced Petrochemical, Saudi Arabia

“I worked with Anneli at Reed Accountancy. Anneli had the challenging task to turn around one of the most difficult desks in the office.
She approached her task with tenacity, commitment as well as a refreshing and unselfish attitude which quickly won over her colleagues.

Anneli’s ability to fully take in technical requirements and her motivation to understand candidates on an individual level too made her not only one of the most successful consultants at Reed but also turned many of her contacts into trusting friends.”


Gerd Schüller

CEO & Director, FAB Consulting, UK

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