silhouette-woman-draftingWith 13 years of experience of working with recruitment, and a lifetime of building long-lasting connections, I’ve had the opportunity to meet, get to know, work with, and help some amazing people. I’ve also been blessed to receive outstanding commendations from those people.
Please find below some of the references I have received over the years:

Helpful & Honest

”Anneli has helped us finding candidates for various roles from HR and Finance to PHP developers and designers. She has always been very helpful and honest about the candidates and what we could expect from them.
Anneli has proven to be eager to serve and whatever challenge we have given her she has been trying her best to deliver and most times she has succeeded.”

Erik Bergman, Co-founder of Catena Media, JohnSlots.com and MrBet.com  (Nov2016)


Passionate & Committed

“I have worked with Anneli in several recruitment processes at Catena Media, and can highly recommend her recruitment services to any company seeking a passionate and committed external partner who always go the extra mile! Lovely to work with!”

Jenny Arnell, Group HR Manager, Catena Media (Dec 2016)


Real Asset

“Anneli is the kind of person I can consult with on any topic in the igaming arena. Recruitment, business opportunities and other topics. I am happy to have the chance to reach out for her advice on a regular basis. Real asset.”

Tsachi Maimon, CEO, Aspire Global (Nov 2016)


Highly Professional & Go-Getter

“Working with Anneli to find me my Executive role after many years as Senior iGaming consultant was a true pleasure. She has the go-getter attitude and never gives up when she sets her goals. Anneli has been in iGaming industry for a very long time, hence her contact base and skill-set are second to none which was utilized for my executive role seeking. I can with true honesty recommend anyone in the iGaming industry that is looking for a new position to work with Anneli and you will succeed in finding your dream role with Anneli’s highly professional approach.”

Lars Kollind, Sales Director @ AspireGlobal (Dec 2016)

Professional & Loyal

”Anneli is a very professional, extremely loyal with an extensive network that I would highly recommend to any company looking for a valuable assets and team member and/or self-going consultant.”

Erik Hellqvist, co-founder of Wunderino (Sep 2017)


Goes the Extra Mile

“I had the best experience with Anneli because her recruitment service was very personalised. Not only she truly listens to what you as a candidate are looking for, but also gives advice and goes an extra mile trying to find a job that suits your salary expectations, possible career growth and even your personality. With Anneli’s help, I found a job that I really and truly enjoy. I believe that Anneli is one of the most professional and caring people in the industry and her services are of the highest quality for both employers and job seekers.”

Lena Sciberras, Head of Content, GameLounge (October 2016)

Genuine & Helpful

“Anneli has got a genuine enthusiasm for her job – She did not just send out my cv to a bunch of people but took an interest in making sure that not only did my qualification match up to the standard of companies but also that my personality would match.
Within a few days of contacting Anneli, I was booked for interviews and received several offers. Within a week I managed to find a job that was perfect for me!  I recommend any job seekers to go through Anneli as she’s really helpful and has the interests of her candidates and clients at heart.”

Sam Urpani, Graphic Designer, GameLounge (March 2015)


Energetic & Passionate

“Anneli was doing everything with a huge passion and energy for my job seeking. Her communication was very clear and detailed, and replied to me as soon as she could, sometimes in the evening or even on weekends. As she offered the perfect companies and positions for me, matching my skills and wishes very well, everything went very easily and I had a new jobs within 2 weeks of contacting GivenSolution.com.
Thank you Anneli, I am so very happy!”

Kevin K, PHP Web Developer (March 2015)


Encouraging & Inspirational

“Searching for a better job has never been any easier than when consulting with Anneli. She is very understanding, encouraging and inspirational and on top of that, she appointed me to a couple of employers, who offered me nothing less than what I was expecting, in less than a week. I couldn’t ask for more! I signed my new contract within 2 weeks of contacting Anneli.
Thank you loads, Anneli, never thought I would be changing jobs this fast, you have my word you are my number 1 recommendation for job seekers”

Daniel S, Frontend Web Developer (March 2015)


Perfect for me

“This will be perfect for me. It will give me some income and also gives me something to look forward to every morning.
Anneli, I wish to thank you for giving me this opportunity. “

Grace Gooding, Customer Service Representative (Nov 2015)


Sincere & Dedicated

“Anneli is a sincere and dedicated professional. She has an excellent grasp of her area of expertise, and is a very helpful and approachable person who is always willing to help out. I got to know her as a dynamic and winning HR Professional with a strong understanding of HR management and sound sense of intuition to address the future needs of the organization. She is an extremely positive and outgoing professional. Being open, fair and in the mean time humorous makes it pleasure to work with her. I knew from day first about her entrepreneurial skills and regard her as a true asset for any organization.”

Muhammad Tahir Khan, Portfolio Manager @ Advanced Petrochemical, Saudi Arabia


Enthusiastic & Energetic

“Anneli was not your average recruitment consultant – she is enthusiastic, energetic, motivated, personable and uniquely trustworthy! I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with Anneli both as a client and a candidate and miss her now that she has moved on to bigger and better things. I wish her every success and can only conclude that she will be an exceptional asset to any company she works for.”

Caroline Lloyd, HR Manager @ Assisma PLC, UK


Trust Judgement & Confidentiality

“Anneli was a great recruitment professional, who very quickly understood the needs of my employer. I trusted her judgement and her confidentiality entirely.”

Val Wilkinson, Director of Finance & Administration @ Plumpton College, UK


Motivated & Successful

“I worked with Anneli at Reed Accountancy. Anneli had the challenging task to turn around one of the most difficult desks in the office.
She approached her task with tenacity, commitment as well as a refreshing and unselfish attitude which quickly won over her colleagues.

Anneli’s ability to fully take in technical requirements and her motivation to understand candidates on an individual level too made her not only one of the most successful consultants at Reed but also turned many of her contacts into trusting friends.”

Gerd Schüller, CEO & Director @ FAB Consulting, UK


Personal, Attentive & Professional

“Anneli is a personal and attentive person with an open personality who is efficient and professional in her approach to clients and people around her.”

Annika Åhman-Goodwille, CEO & Owner @ Goodwille Ltd (UK)


Professional, Helpful & Calm Approach

“I met Ms. Anneli Nilsson in London 2004 when I signed up with Reed, after seeing several other agencies I was not too impressed with. Ms. Nilsson was very professional, helpful, calm, understanding and non-judgemental in her approach. She explained the recruitment process in great detail and ensured that I felt comfortable and well taken care of throughout the interview.

As a result from meeting Ms. Nilsson I joined Goodwille Ltd and I would never had been introduced to this company without her. For this I will always be truly thankful to her as this position has meant a lot to me and my professional development.

I would like to give Ms. Nilsson my very best recommendations and I wish her all the best in her future career.”

Signe Westerberg, Head of Accounting & Controlling at Valartis Advisory Services SA, Switzerland

**Please note that job titles are current and may not reflect the position the person had when I last assisted them.


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